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Just about recovered from Friday now!!! I thought the gig was excellent. IB was on top form and I loved the 2 new songs, only wised there was more. The Charlatans were good as well.

I made it to the Victoria pub beforehand but unfortunately didn’t recognise anyone, at least until I read the reviews hear when I seem to recall seeing a pair of crutches in the pub, probably at the same time I hit the deck.

Unashamedly the ‘Blue Frog’ cocktails and draft Bud had flowed too easily in Weathersoons and so on, I was rather drunk & knackered after jumping around for a couple of hours that I didn’t make it to N&D. I wanted feather and stumbled back to the hotel as soon as I could.

Hopefully I’ll catch you all next time.

Did John Vegas really try to crowd surf?
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