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'Jailer' 15-01-2009 05:16 PM

Darren Moss (Kiss Ya Lips, All Ablaze) New project.
Ian Brown collaborator, Darren Moss (remixer, co-producer & co-writer including "All Ablaze" "Kiss Ya Lips" "Lovebug") has a new project - Embed.

Below is the video link for EMBED - 'GRATE BRITAIN' and press release.


'Tell me whats great about GRATE Britain' ...Well obviously there are many things about these islands that are great. However, whilst we get on with our daily lives, the government, corporate business and special interest groups continue to manipulate the economy and the future of Britain for their own selfish ends. Grate Britain reveals the shocking truth about the erosion of our fundamental civil liberties systematically destroyed by New Labour .The freedoms of the British people have been stolen from under our noses amidst a climate of fear created by the media and government itself.

Lee Oakes' Mancunian punk style rap delivers an articulate informative message with attitude over a funky electro breakbeat. Cunningly produced by embed to sound equally good in both clubs and on the radio. Already getting exclusive airplay in all the right places.

Not sure of what you fear, Let me make it clear'.

In order to distract us from this liberty heist we have to be sold the myth that terrorism is an entirely new phenomenon and our leaders can supposedly only crush this threat by taking away our hard earned freedoms. In the UK, one issue being deftly swept under the carpet by the authorities is that of identity card registration.

Right to Protest,
Right to Freedom of Speech.
Right to Privacy.
Right not to be detained without charge,
Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
Prohibition from Torture.

'This is what they're planning,obligatory scanning, a database of every face'.

Album 'SONIC WEAPONS' out Feb 09


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