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Your Registration - PLEASE READ FIRST!
Before you sign up, please read the following guidelines. If you feel any of this is untoward, then perhaps this forum isn't for you. However, if you decide to register, you agree that you have read & understood and are happy to abide by our guidelines. These are our terms and conditions/acceptable use if you like. Please note - ONE account per member. Duplicate registrations are not allowed unless pre-authorised with an Administrator. Only in very special circumstances will this be permitted. Duplicate accounts may be merged without warning.

1. Profanity
Light profanity is allowed only in thread content, it is NOT permitted in any thread title. However, excessive or vulgar profanity, or profanity directed at others in an insulting manner will not be tolerated. The occasional swear word should not be a problem, as the swear filter is designed to mask it - just don't be a potty mouth. Making remarks that could be construed as racist or homophobic are to be avoided. Attempting to bypass the swear filter by creative use of other characters is NOT permitted and may result in the thread or post being removed and a warning given to the offender. Too many warnings will result in an account ban. As a basic rule of thumb, ask yourself would you like your kids to read what you're about to write...?

2. Harassment Or Uneccessary Abuse
Harassing, flaming and threatening other users WILL NOT be tolerated. Abuse directed at other users for any reason (including, but NOT limited to, colour, race, religion, loyalties or nationality etc) will result in the offending user having restrictions placed upon them. You ought to remember that there are real people behind these screen names, real people with real feelings. This is not to be taken lightly. Moderators/Administrators reserve the right to remove any posts if they find them inappropriate in any way. Persistent offenders will be gagged (globaly ignored), then subject to a temporary / permanent ban. Anyone feeling that they or a member of the forum is being harassed by another or others should contact a forum Administrator with the details, who will then assess the situation and take appropriate action.

3. Explicit or offensive material
Posting or even linking to potentially offensive or sexually explicit material of any type is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This is a banning offence and will not be tolerated. As signatures, avatars, profile pics etc are viewable in all parts of the forum, any adult content found or reported in these sections will be removed and the offending member reprimanded accordingly. Just use a bit of common sense. Anything that makes you think might be offensive, probably is. Please be careful what you post.

4. Spamming
Spamming/Trolling: DO NOT post off topic nonsense simply to raise your post count - it's a good way to become disliked and get yourself globally gagged or a temp/perm ban. Blatant spamming or making one word posts just to raise your post count to obtain downloads will result in a ban. Always respect members at all times, do not burst into a persons topic purely for the purposes of causing trouble or to rip it right off topic. Do not post excessively large images for no reason or without warning. Please try to stay on topic, it is understandable that sometimes topics wonder off, just try to keep the subject in mind as much as possible.

5. Private Messaging (PM's)
Private messages are just that - private. Please respect the privacy of other members, do not post a PM in public without their permission. There is however one exception. You have the right to report a PM to a forum Administrator if you feel you are being harassed by another member via the private messaging system. You are allowed a total of 50 messages, which includes your sent and saved messages, so keep track. Once 50 messages are stored, you will no longer be able to receive PM's. It is good practice to clean out your stale PM's regularly. Occasionally, the forum admins will do a general PM sweep, cleaning out PM's that are old or belonging to users that persistently refuse to 'tidy up'. Users will be given appropriate warning before this happens, but we take no responsibility for any data lost - our PM facility is NOT somewhere you should be storing data you need to keep.

6. Hacking
Attempts to hack the forums, access features you normally are not allowed to, make it difficult for others to use the forums, or generally act in a manner that makes us suspect hacking activity will result in an user ban, IP ban and if neccessary an abuse report to your ISP and place of employment (if applicable). If you discover any problems with the board that may be abused please report them immediately to an Administrator.

7. Signatures
A signature may contain one or more images but they must fit within a box with maximum dimensions of 450 x 100 pixels (width x height) and with a maximum (combined) file size of 50k. If no images are used then up to 3 consecutive lines of small (size) smaller text is permitted. Do not pad out your text lines with blanks lines. A line of text is defined as having a maximum length of 450 pixels. If you want to turn the signature off in the future, you can come back and edit your post. If you have specified a signature in your profile, the box will be automatically ticked for you. Users with signatures breaking these rules will be politely notified by our resident sig and avatar monitor. If these rules are broken 3 times, your ability for signatures will be removed. Under no circumstances must any material displayed contain profane, lewd or adult content. Any signatures found or reported to be breaking these rules will be deleted without warning.
Please see THIS THREAD for examples or if you need any help.

8. Avatars
Avatars are viewable by everyone, so any user avatar must be free from any lewd or profane material. The maximum size permitted for avatars is a 120x120 pixel frame with a file size of no more than 80kb. Lightly animated GIF files are allowed, but static JPG files are preferred. Users with avatars breaking these rules will be politely notified by our resident sig and avatar monitor. If these rules are broken 3 times, your ability for avatar display will be removed. Under no circumstances must any material displayed contain profane, lewd or adult content. Any avatars found or reported to be breaking these rules will be deleted without warning.
Please see THIS THREAD for examples or if you need any help.

9. Copyrighted material
Please remember we are governed by The Universal Music Group - probably the biggest media company on the planet and they take copyright breach very seriously (ask Nikki Hemming). Generally live stuff such as YouTube etc is cool - ANYTHING else must be run by the admins. Anything that is copyrighted by ANY artist - images, audio or video is STRICTLY prohibited and will be deleted without warning.

10. Respect
Always remember - the Admins/Mods word is FINAL. In all cases. No exceptions. The admins here are also users of this board and you'll see them dotted about the place - they can be recognised by their bold RED username, and stand out on the member list as so. The Moderators can be recognised by their bold GREEN usernames.They're not here to ruin your fun or treat you like children, they're here to make sure that this forum experience is enjoyable for everyone, including kids. Please remember, though we are part-independent, we ARE the official board and rules must be adhered to. Work with us rather than against us and all will run just fine. Of course, as with anything you feel upset about, you can get in touch with us using the Private Message facility. Be respectful when doing so - abuse WILL be ignored and users permanently banned.
Those of you who still think you can go to a higher authority, please feel free to do so. We answer to Fiction Records and Ian Brown specifically. But be aware, the running of every aspect of this forum is the Admin's authority only. So you can email them if you like, but they just send them on to us to deal with, and then we all have a good laugh at them. ;-)

Lastly, please enjoy our forums - we built this thing for you.

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